• Documentaries

    • In This Land: The Camp Lyndhurst Saga

      This new feature documentary, from independent film group Alpha Vision Films, explores a little known and fascinating chapter in Virginia history. "In This Land: The Camp Lyndhurst Saga. German Prisoners of War in The Old Dominion" features President of The Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society, and author of "The Longest Patrol", Gregory L. Owen, along with President of The Waynesboro Heritage Foundation, Shirley Bridgeforth. You won't want to miss this incredible story that retraces, and at long last reveals, this compelling story in The Shenandoah Valley.
    • In This Land/The Camp Lyndhurst Saga trailer

      Alpha Vision Films is in production of our very first feature length documentary "In This Land: The Camp Lyndhurst Saga/German Prisoners of War in The Old Dominion" This is a fascinating tale of World War Two/Virginia history that is largely unknown. The film will feature author/historian Gregory L. Owen and President of The Waynesboro Virginia Heritage Society, Shirley Bridgeforth. We hope you'll be just as astonished as we have been in uncovering this very important story.
    • Winter Time at Harvest Thyme Herbs

      Year round fresh produce production for the buy local-eat fresh farm-to-table revolution! This film features Deirdre and Phil Armstrong of Harvest Thyme Herbs, and Chef James Harris of Zynodoa Restaurant
    • An Introduction to Virginia Wine

      A fun, easy to understand, explanation of what happens at a typical wine tasting. Hosted by Elizabeth Smith of Afton Mountain Vineyards, Afton, Virginia.
    • Ada American

      A nostalgic look at my hometown, Ada Oklahoma. The source footage is ancient 8mm home movie film.
    • ‘Good Times, Tastes, and Traditions Fall Celebration’

      This short feature documents the first annual presentation of The Good Times, Taste, and Traditions Fall Celebration, and event sponsored by The Greater Augusta Regional Chamber of Commerce. This celebration featuring food, music, and libations reflecting the culture of five different countries was held at The Frontier Culture Museum, in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, Staunton, Virginia U.S.A.
    • ‘Modern Fowlers and the Backyard Flock’

      All across the country people are fighting for the right to have a small urban chicken flock. Fresh eggs never tasted so good. Meet two families that have successfully brought chickens to town, get information on creating your own coop, and meet the acknowledged authority on the subject, author Patricia Foreman.
    • ‘Oyster Preservation on the Great Wicomico’

      Our sojourn to river country in Virginia continues with a visit to the northern neck region and an audience with marine research specialist Malcolm Luekbert and his work to preserve oysters on the Great Wicomico River. “Spat on shell” research brilliantly demonstrated.
    • ‘The Dancing Bear’

      We conclude our river country foray with a visit to King and Queen, Va., and genius eccentric Tom Rubino, who describes his 30-year ongoing project to hand construct the most incredible wooden boat we’ve ever seen
    • ‘Urbanna Oyster Festival’

      We travel to Virginia’s middle peninsula region and a look at river country with this film documenting the annual oyster festival in the historic river village of Urbanna, Va. Simply a treasure trove of Americana
    • ‘Shenandoah Valley Agritourism Festival’

      A review of the first annual Shenandoah Valley Agritourism Festival held in the fall of 2011 at Hermitage Hill Farm and Stables. Featuring many personalities (such as author and lecturer Joel Salatin) and proprietors in the sweeping agritourism movement
    • ‘Virginia Hops Harvest at Avalon Farm’

      This short documentary film follows the path of locally grown Virginia hops to their eventual destination of a regional craft microbrewery. Virginia hops growing is an aggressive new agricultural industry, and along with the flourishing of locally breweries, promises great possibilities for the future
    • ‘Virginia Grains’

      Connecting colonial and modern Virginia grain harvesting, milling, and baking. Historic presentations of Wade's Mill of Raphine, Virginia and Jim and Georgie Young, and an informative discussion with esteemed culinary historian and author Nancy Carter Crump
  • Feature Films

    • “A Place to Call My Own”

      The new feature film from Alpha Vision Films, "A Place to Call My Own," is an intense and complex psychological thriller with some pretty frightening paranormal elements. A contemporary Southern Gothic tale of murder, insanity, and horrific skeletons in the closet.
    • ‘The Name on the Bullet’

      New from Alpha Vision Films! This revisionist Western takes a second look at a fabled myth of the American frontier. Spanning the post-Civil War era to the turn of the century, "The Name on the Bullett" will call to question the generally accepted version of the fate of one of the most widely studied personalities in American criminal history. The production was filmed on location at the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia in Staunton, Va
    • ‘Patriots’

      It is spring, 1963 and the location is Little Havana in Miami, Fla. Here is a seething cauldron of political exiles, criminals, gangsters, spys, and intelligence operatives. A terrible crime is being contemplated and carefully planned. An offense with ramifications far beyond the understanding of those involved. Patriots is a drama, based on speculative theories, about how one of the most world changing tragedies may have occurred. A look into the back alley of history
    • ‘Seasons’

      An odyssey through the seasonal beauty of The Old Dominion, Virginia U.S.A. A year-long project, "Seasons" was an exercise in patient filmmaking. And also, a graphic reminder of just how fleeting a year can be. Filmed from the first to last snowfall of 2011, this film conjures up the emotions sometimes brought to our lives through the passing seasons
    • ‘Family in the Old Country’

      A woman has nursed a terrible secret for a quarter century. She has suffered a loss so painful and devastating that her will to live and believe in others is waning. The light of hope flickers dimly. Into her life come two new neighbors
    • ‘A Visit from Annie’

      A young woman visits a beautiful and strangely deserted gothic cemetery on a gray, blustery winter's day. She is bringing flowers to the headstone of a long-passed ancestor. Is it simply the cold that causes the shivering that creeps over her? She feels eerily not alone. There seems to be another unseen presence just out of sight. Suddenly and terrifyingly she has an unexpected visitor
    • ‘Last Call’

      James is a lonely stranger in town. He's spent the entire evening nursing drink after drink in a local watering hole seeking ... something. As the night winds down, his only remaining companion is the bartender, a polite, but slightly distant guy. As the hour of last call approaches, a solitary woman, Sheila, enters hurriedly for one final nightcap
  • Alpha Vision Films

    Alpha Vision Films was created by producer-director-writer-musician James Overton in 2010 as an independent filmmaking company.

    While producing dramatic films using original screenplays, Alpha Vision Films is also undertaking a documentary series focusing on people-personalities-cuisine-agritourism-special events in the Old Dominion, Virginia U.S.A. These films feature Mark Miller as director of photography, and writer Theresa Reynolds Curry as associate producer.

    Details: Click here.