Patriots from Alpha Vision Films on Vimeo.


Cast and Crew

Produced, written and directed by James Overton
Mark Miller – director of photography
Theresa Reynolds Curry – associate producer
Starring Lonnie Jarvis, Paul Hodgen, Susan Reynolds, Doug Fritz, Ken Evans, Jeff Ward, Paul Bosserman, Barbara Hodgen and John Curry



It is spring, 1963 and the location is Little Havana in Miami, Fla. Here is a seething cauldron of political exiles, criminals, gangsters, spys, and intelligence operatives. A terrible crime is being contemplated and carefully planned. An offense with ramifications far beyond the understanding of those involved. Patriots is a drama, based on speculative theories, about how one of the most world changing tragedies may have occurred. A look into the back alley of history.

“Patriots” was filmed during August 2011 in the Basic City district of Waynesboro, Va., and Eagle’s Nest Airport. From an original screenplay by director James Overton, “Patriots” unfolds in glorious, vintage black and white. The location is a veritable cabinet of curiosities, Southern Rose Tattoo Company, and the filmmakers are incredibly indebted to Doug Fritz for allowing the use of this once in a lifetime set. Also, along with another extensive cast, two new actors are introduced and give tour-de-force performances. Lonnie Jarvis as Carlos and Paul Hodgen as Mr. Bishop.