‘A Visit from Annie’

A Visit From Annie from Alpha Vision Films on Vimeo.


Cast and Crew

Produced, written and directed by James Overton
Mark Miller – director of photography
Starring Susan Reynolds and Brenda Wilhelm



A young woman visits a beautiful and strangely deserted gothic cemetery on a gray, blustery winter’s day. She is bringing flowers to the headstone of a long-passed ancestor. Is it simply the cold that causes the shivering that creeps over her? She feels eerily not alone. There seems to be another unseen presence just out of sight. Suddenly and terrifyingly she has an unexpected visitor.

“A Visit from Annie” marked the second Alpha Vision Films production. Shot over a period of two weeks at Thornrose Cemetery in Staunton, Va. It was January of 2011 and extremely, bitterly cold! The crew and two actors, Susan Reynolds and Brenda Wilhelm, could only remain outside filming for a few minutes at a time. But somehow, the harshness and emptiness of this desolate graveyard in deep winter created an incredible mood for this film.