‘Last Call’

Last Call from Alpha Vision Films on Vimeo.


Cast and crew

Produced, written and directed by James Overton
Cinematography by Paul Sanders and Mark Miller
Starring Tony Fischer, Susan Reynolds and Bill McGill



James is a lonely stranger in town. He’s spent the entire evening nursing drink after drink in a local watering hole seeking … something. As the night winds down, his only remaining companion is the bartender, a polite, but slightly distant guy. As the hour of last call approaches, a solitary woman, Sheila, enters hurriedly for one final nightcap. After a brief introduction, the typical bar room banter begins, but soon takes on a deeper meaning as the true personalities of these final two patrons begin to emerge. Is it too late to find faith, hope, and love at last call?

“Last Call” is the first film from Alpha Vision Films. It was originally written by director James Overton as a comedy entitled “Endangered Species.” After several rewrites, while retaining a few of the comic elements, it was rendered down to the bittersweet, but hopeful, light romance it is today.

All of the non-professional actors contributed bits of dialog, and the film was completed between September and December of 2010. The location is Colby’s On Main in Waynesboro, Va. The cafe was for sale during the production, but fully furnished. So it became something of a “workshop” for the crash course self imposed upon Alpha Vision Films in filmmaking. The production values and techniques would improve in future projects, but “Last Call” remains a charming and sweet little story.