‘Family in the Old Country’

Family in the Old Country from Alpha Vision Films on Vimeo.


Cast and Crew

Produced, written and directed by James Overton
Mark Miller – director of photography
Theresa Reynolds Curry – associate producer
Starring Barbara Hodgen, Bill McGill, Susan Reynolds, Georgie Young, Sean Miller, Paul Gayda and Michelle Cook



A woman has nursed a terrible secret for a quarter century. She has suffered a loss so painful and devastating that her will to live and believe in others is waning. The light of hope flickers dimly. Into her life come two new neighbors. A single divorced father and his teenage son. They have also known sadness, yet still manage to cling to the belief of goodness in the world. From this fragile friendship unfolds an inspiring life-affirming story. After 25 years a desperate effort to reclaim the past is mounted from America to the old country. And with it go the hopes of three generations to find happiness.

“Family in the Old Country” is the first full-length feature from Alpha Vision Films. It was filmed between February and July of 2011 from an original screenplay by director James Overton. The locations are the historic Basic City district of Waynesboro, Va., standing in for New Jersey 1970. And also, in the third act as our players make the transition to France, the Inn at Osceola Mill in Steele’s Tavern, Va., and The Staunton Virginia National Memorial Cemetery. In addition to being the longest motion picture from Alpha Vision Films, it also features one the largest cast, introducing several new actors to the stock company.